Somfy Tilt Blind

Hi, I have two Somfy Blinds that are working smooth using the BOND APP.
I am able to tilt it up/down using open/close button in the APP.
in the device I see it supports “TiltOpen”/“TiltClose”.
How to control it via curl command ?

I don’t believe that has been documented in the API yet, but if you go through the ACTIONS in curl for that device, which all do you see?

TiltOpen, TiltClose, Hold, Stop, Pair, Preset

So you can try the normal PUT command structure to call the Action you want and see if that works?

curl -H “BOND-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” -X PUT -i http://bondIP/v2/devices/blindDeviceID/actions/TiltOpen -d {}

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That works thanks a lot. I manage to control Tilt Open/Close :+1:

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another Q as it is not docuemnted at all.
what should be “normal” state return ?
I get counter 1 and counter 2, does it mean it is ok ?

Yes, these counters are expected and needed for the signals to work as expected.

Did you get it working?

yes it is working. We added it to Home Assistant and I am able to control the tilt now.
currently in steps of 1 for each press. is there a way to control X steps ?