[SOLVED] Bond Pro SBB Fans don't show up in Control4

I have a Bond Bridge Pro that has 7 fans on it. 5 are RF controlled (4 with lights), and 2 are Smart By Bond(SBB). My integrator added the Bond Control4 driver and the 5 RF fans showed up right away. However, the two SBB fans don’t even show up to be added into the Control4 system. Both the SBB fans are showing firmware version 2.15. The Bond Pro is showing firmware My C4 system is using the Chowmain driver version #20201012. I am fully able to control the SBB fans through the Bond app, so I know the issue is not with the fans. Any thoughts?

SBB devices don’t use the Bridge Pro. They have an internal bridge. So your integrator will need to add the SBB devices to C4 as their own bridges, with their own IP address.

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Thank you. Do you know what driver they will need to use when they add them?

I would think it would be the same one as for the Bridge Pro, but I don’t really know anything about the C4 side of things. I just know that’s how it works with the HA system I wrote the driver for.

Thank you very much. The fans aren’t auto-discovered, and don’t seem to be running SDDP. I’be tried searching for them within C4 and can’t get them to show up.
@alanchow Is that how your driver works as well?

SDDP requires Control4 certification and also firmware to implemented in the fan. Bond products utilise mDNS for discovery which is what we are using.

Smart By Bond fans are not Bond Pro fans. They have their own IP address. In fact you should be using the Smart By Bond driver that is included in the same zip. Your integrator will need to install that for you.

The Smart By Bond driver does provide you with a slider for lighting (since it is bi-directional and all) so we developed a special fork of the driver specifically for the Smart By Bond devices (including the outdoor lighting product).

Anyway hope this helps.

In future its best to reach out to us via our support channels as i would never have seen this unless you didn’t mention me.

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Thank you very much. I will let them know.