[SOLVED] Android homescreen icon

I used to use the Bond Bridge app. That allowed me to create an icon on Android that performed a given action, ex: turn a fan on/off. When I updated to the Bond app those icons went away and I can’t find a way to do the same thing with the new version of the app. Basically, I want to make certain actions take place by only clicking on an icon on my Android device homescreen. Instead of going into the Bond app selecting the device I want to control, going to the Bond screen for that device and clicking one of the icons (ex: fan off) I want that icon on my Android home screen. Is there a way to do that?

Yes, you can do that using the Bond Home Widget.
You can add Widgets to your Android home screen by long pressing on an empty space on the home screen, then selecting Widgets - it may be a bit different depending on the launcher you are using.
Look for the Bond Home app widget and drag it to your home screen. This will trigger the Widget setup process where you select the device you want that widget to control and also which buttons should be displayed.

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That worked great, thanks.