Smartthings logging out connected services / needs re-authentication

I use Smartthings to turn off my fans in living areas when going to bed and turn them on when I start my morning routines. Fans turn off via Bedtime Scene but in the morning they don’t turn back on using Morning Scene.

I’ve isolated the issue to finding Bond Home has been logged out of my connected services. Re-authenticating is required and then Smartthings correctly starts up my fans.

Has anyone discovered why Bond Home needs re-authenticating on a daily basis?


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Happening to me too.

Smartthings has been rolling out some firmware updates… not sure if this is the issue because my Alexa integration service remains connected to Smartthings. Today was the first day I didn’t have to re-authenticate the Bond integration. I’ll report back if I continue to have issues.

Not sure what ST Hub firmware updates would have to do with anything. The Bond-ST integration is Cloud-to-Cloud. I’ve used it at home without ever buying an ST product.

That said, I’m surprised to hear you report ST working better in recent hours. It’s stopped working for me :confused: (SmartThings Intergration Down?)

Gotcha - I understand your point regarding integrations being cloud-to-cloud. And, today, I found I had to re-authenticate my connected services yet once again. :frowning:

Also, I had problems with my Bond bridge / hub last 2 days… when going into the app and checking status, the app shows “syncing” and then “unreachable”. Network error displayed when trying to control fans. No other issues with my internet or connected devices.

I contacted Bond support about server status but they weren’t able to confirm anything. It would be nice if there was a link to check server status like other providers…

There were intermittent service problems over the last few days, peaking today with an outage which affected (among other things) our SmartThings integration. We believe we resolved the issue around 6 pm Eastern Time today, but do let me know if these problems have persisted.

Hmm… this sounds very frustrating. I’ll do a quality pass on our SmartThings integration next week.

Thank you, Jacob. Much appreciated for looking into th integration issues.

Just to keep you in the loop, our fans successfully were turned off via a Smartthings automation last evening. This morning they did not turn on with the morning automation I signed into the Smartthings app and found the integration needed re-authenticating in connected services, once again.