Integration with Smartthings?

Is there any plan to integrate Bond with SmartThings?

Do you currently offer or plan to offer local api to be able to achieve the same?

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Yes, there will be a SmartThings integration next! Looking forward to it myself.

The BOND API is in the works. Look for announcements in coming weeks.


Thanks, thats good to hear!

I’m looking forward to SmartThings integration, however will SmartThings know the actual state of the light/fan or just what bond last set it to, we still sometimes use the remote to make changes, the remote knows the state even if the Bond changed it. Thanks.

SmartThings will just know the last state the BOND set the fan to. The BOND does not know if you use your factory remote control. This is usually not a problem because you typically want to override whatever the current state is with a new state via SmartThings etc. The only place it breaks down is for light control on fans that have only a single control signal for “Light Toggle”. However for Fan Speed and for all functions on state remotes, the new command will always set the desired state.


This is fantastic news. My home is built around the SmartThings platform, and it will make things so much more practical.


My home is based around SmartThings too, mostly controlled with Google Assistant. Anyone seen a good physical option to replace fan remotes with that works with ST? That could help me eliminate state issues with lights.

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What is the status of the integration with SmartThings?

It seems like there is radio silence on the SmartThings integration.

How about the API? Has that been abandoned as well?

If I remember correctly SmartThing integration isn’t slated until mid 2018, so it should be soon if on schedule. But I tend to think it will be late into the last quarter of this year.

SmartThings integration was listed as “Coming Soon” when I purchased my Bond back in October. Nine months with no real updates doesn’t count as coming soon in my book.

Agree. I would appreciate the simple courtesy of a reply from Bond on this issue. No news for so long on this is not a good experience nor good customer relations.

I too agree. Its been long promised and we are yet to hear any news. Even if an api is made available, we can use it for custom integration although I would prefer native integration.

Amy updates on SmartThings Integration?


Hi, What’s the latest info. on smartthings integrations?

We are still working on ST integration, but it will still take some time because it will only be supported once the V2 firmware is available for all BONDs.

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