Smart by bond fan (star 7) turn on light by itself

Hi all,
I have a Star 7 fan with Smart By Bond controller.
everything is working well until i’m adding the fan to Homebridge. this is when the fan light turn on by itself. the fan is not part of any automation in HomeKit that might cause this. when i remove it from Homebridge all goes back to normal.
any ideas?


We should have Actions History back in January, which will allow you to see for yourself the origin of action requests… so you can see if it was from “HomeBridge” or from “Alexa” or from “Remote Control” etc.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply.

The thing is that when the light turns on by it self, checking the app shows the light as OFF. So the app and controller are not synced- how is that possible with SBB controller?

Hmm that really shouldn’t be possible on SBB. One possibility is that the app is not sync’d with the fan at the time you looked at the control screen.

What you can try is: next time it turns on by itself, go to the My Devices dashboard. Swipe down to refresh. After some seconds, all the little spinning indicators should stop and hopefully you see a solid green dot in the upper-right corner of the Star 7 device card. Now tap to open the device control screen. At this point, I would be very surprised if you saw a light state that did not correspond to the true state of the light.

Thank you.

so i have monitored this for a while now, including transitioning to Home Assistant from Homebridge and i can tell that in home assistant the issue did not occured again. it seems as an issue with Homebridge integration