Sidekick Scene Keypad for existing Pros

Is there a link to purchase Sidekick Scene Keypad without the Pro unit? I already have a few pros and would like to add the keypads but I don’t need another Pro.

I’m interested in using it with Home Assistant (even if I need to add support for it)

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No, not as of now. Reason is, we have very limited stock on the Scene Keypad and we are manually updating each unit ordered to include the Scene Keypad functionality. Instead of charging some unreasonably high price for that we’re just bundling. Once we have production lots including the Scene Keypad we will unbundle it. ETA mid Q1 2023.

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Thanks for the reply. Looks like I’m going to have a hot spare Pro :slight_smile:

Its Q1’23 - any update on when these will be available?

I picked up a few of these. Is it possible to use them to control SBB fans?

Yes, via “key linking”. See

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These aren’t even available as a bundle anymore…is there still a plan to offer these unbundled @merck ?

or is it the case these days, @merck, that all Sidekick for Shades and/or Sidekick for Shades v2s can be put into Scene mode with the relevant Menu Code?

@alderezz the Sidekick Gen 2 provides all the functionality of the “Sidekick Scene Keypad” and of the “Sidekick for Shades”, plus some additional technologies. It’s just rolled into a single product now.

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