Sidekick Scene Keypad appears as Sidekick for Shades

Has anyone successfully set up a “Sidekick Scene Keypad” / “Sidekick for Shades Gen 2” in scene mode?

When I try to pair my keypads to the Bond Bridge Pro, they always show up in shade mode.
I’ve followed the instructions to change to scene mode (hit menu then 5-1-2-4 then stop), but it does not seem to work:

I’ve done 3 of them so far, but then again they’ve all been Gen 1s.

I occasionally got fails when putting in the code to switch modes; the last few times I’ve had a little more success delicately doing all of the presses with the back cover off, to make tapping the Menu button easier.
If the lights don’t play back in order, try again, before even attempting to add to the Bridge Pro.


Taking the back cover off worked! Thanks for the suggestion.