Sidekick integration?

Sorry if my question is silly, but I’m wondering if I need to do anything for sidekick in HomeSeer integration? I saw the documentation, but for example " Add a Sidekick to Bridge" requires sk_id which I don’t know.

And in general, how does the sidekick work with the integration? Can I receive the button press events in the integration? Can I send actions to the sidekick? And does it even make sense?

Or the sidekick just controls the devices and the devices will update their state in the integration?

There’s two ways to use Sidekick:

  1. as a remote control for a shade motor: nothing for you to do on the HomeSeer side. User pairs Sidekick with the motor, adds Sidekick to Bridge Pro, and then associates that Sidekick channel with the motor in the app. When Sidekick is used to change the motor state, HomeSeer sees the motor state change as with any other state change.

  2. as a keypad: here the user has configured the Sidekick for one of the “scene key” modes. Here the user can link keys to action in the Bond Home app, and/or do something on integrations such as HomeSeer. If you want to support the keypad functionality, you would listen on BPUP for the Keystream messages (See Keystream | Bond Local API).

topic: sidekicks/SHAXX12345/keystream
  "seq": 3210,
  "event": "TAP",
  "key": 3,
  "hold_ms": 1760

Discovery is either just by watching these messages, or by querying sidekicks.

Does the Sidekick also publish a Keystream event when doing a direct control motor command?

Thank you for the explanation.

How do I query sidekicks? I can’t see in the docs. Every sidekick operation requires sk_id which I don’t know.

I do see we are missing documentation for GET sidekicks/ on our docs. We have sidekicks/{} but not the enumeration sidekicks/.

Anyways, you simply do GET http://<some-ip>/v2/sidekicks and you will get a list of sidekick IDs that are added to the Bridge. Similar to devices/, except the sidekicks use their serial numbers as IDs rather than random 64-bit numbers like for devices.

Make sense?