Setting Limits for Select Blinds Roller Shades

We just purchased the Select Blackout Roller Shades with motorization and have the Bridge (non-pro). From reading the forums, I understand that the remote and the app do not talk to each other.

Can you tell me how to set the roller limits within the app? The shades are a little long, and when I close the shades in the app, they go past the limit I was able to set with the remote.

Also, is there any way to set the schedule within the app to partially close the shades? I only see open or close for shade scheduling.

Do you have a buy-up program that allows you to trade in a non-pro bridge or a pro version? Select Blinds only sells the non-pro at this time.

Correct. Also the case for the Pro, unless you are using the Sidekick.

Yes, you can probably set limits in the app using the Virtual Remote Control feature. Refer to your remote control or motor manual for the procedure.

Weird. We’ve seen this a bit with A-OK motors (they have template RMS25 in settings), where sometimes the limits are ignored and it just keeps running past. Unclear what the cause is here. I’ve also seen reports that this problem even happens with the factory remote. Is that the case for you?

Only if there’s a slider in the app. We don’t have it for RMS25.

And, no we don’t have a trade-in program at this time.