SBB (HD #99434): Beta FW Update Hung at 89% (3.2.4-beta -> 3.5-beta)

I know the SBBs from Home Depot have historically had some challenges updating FW.

I did have an initial struggle getting the Beta 3.5-beta update applied.
After a hang at 89%, and a failed Cancel Update button tap in app (SBB device fell offline and not able to get out of Syncing… loop), a hard power cycle enabled me to re-initiate the FW update and this time it completed.

Just an encouragement to any forum users that have that HD 4 spd universal Smart By Bond receiver that a reboot and quick initiation of FW update was successful.

Indeed this has been a problem on all Smart by Bond and even some Bridges.

We’ve fixed the problem in v3.5+ firmware, so once you’re upgraded you will be in good shape.

Two workarounds: (1) power cycle (or PUT sys/reboot) and then immediately attempt the update as you did @residualimages [this works about 50% of the time, so you can retry at most 3-4 times and it will finally work], or the more reliable (2) hold down the Power button on the remote, reconnect to the Bond Config AP which appears, and then hit + in the app to setup again on Wi-Fi. The app should propose the v3.5 update which is then loaded from the phone over the Config network. This seems to be far more reliable.

We traced the root cause to what appears to be an optimization in the TCP/IP stack which when removed seemed to resolve the issue. (Missing 11 bytes from TCP download when ESP_AUTO_RECV set - ESP32 Forum)


I’ve been seeing this problem often with devices that are ~2500 miles away from the update server.

Good to know about the load from app. Can the cli tool do that as well?

No. Possible, just not implemented.

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