Routines In Alexa and Smarthings

I recently purchased a Bond Bridge. It is controlling my three fans pretty well. That said, I am trying to create a routine in Alexa where if the temp of the Echo is above X it will turn the fans on. So far, it wont work. I can run the routine manually, but not it wont automatically trigger. Thoughts?

Then I switched routes and went with Smarthings. For that I can get a routine to execute, but the fans wont turn off. Do I need to put in a separate automation loop for this?


Alexa routines are interesting, last I saw (there’s a link out to the Echo Plus method):
Alexa BOND and Ecobe

On the SmartThings side, I would expect you need a separate automation to turn off the fan when the trigger temp is at or below X° - but I don’t yet use SmartThings.

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Yeah, on the Echo plus method that is what I have done, but not luck. It is odd, because I can manually trigger it and it works fine. Really strange.

I did create a “turn off” command now in SmathThings, so I will advise if that works. I would just be good to be able to have one platform for eveything. Since MyQ doesnt play will with Alexa, I now have to use IFFFT for garage door control.


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I hear you - that’s why I use my ISY platform to do all my integrations.

But I also don’t prioritize voice control at all - I add it here and there, but mainly rely on physical controls / remotes / local API ISY-integrated-and-automated things.

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Makes sense. I will advise if I learn anything.


Strange. From the perspective of Bond’s cloud, we just get commands from Alexa. We don’t know if it’s a voice command, from the GUI in the Alexa app, part of an automated routine, or a manually run routine. So, I don’t see how it could be a problem on our end.

That said, I watch this with interest. Let us know if you figure it out.

On a related note, we plan to release a Scenes feature this year, which may help simplify the creation of Routines on the Alexa side. More to come on that soon.

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You reference MyQ above… What’s your garage door setup? Recently bought a home with Chamberlain doors:

  • thought about linking them with Bond, but sounds as if that’s not possible

  • the MyQ hub is really cheap on Amazon but sounds like there’s a subscription for that

Are you paying for that subscription or have you got a good workaround for getting “free” smart garage control?

Thank you!