Control Fans Based on Outdoor Temperature

Hi All I am new to Bond and home automation in general, so I apologize if this is a novice question. I did do some searching in the web and this forum and couldn’t find anything that made sense to me.

First off, I’ve been using Alexa for my home automation. It actually works fairly well, and my wife can use it easily enough.

I’ve set my Bond Bridge up to control the 3 Ceiling Fans we have in our house. Ideally what I would like to do is setup an Alexa Routine (although open to other options) to turn on the fans when the Outdoor Temperature reaches a certain temperature (this does not need to be that accurate connecting to a weather provider like Weather Underground would be fine).

Temperature is not something built into Alexa as a Routine Trigger, so my initial plan was to use IFTTT although I couldn’t actually get the Bond service to connect. It appears this support has been deprecated, so I’m looking for other options/suggestions. In a past life I did do some SW development, and I know there are some ways to do some customer setup of things for Alexa, but I haven’t looked into any of it yet.

I appreciate the help!

You should be able to add an Automation in Home Assistant to do this.

Thanks. I realized above I said Home Assistant, but meant it generically. I probably should have said home automation. I updated to make this more clear. Do I need a specific Home Assistant Hub or would I be able to create this in Home Assistant and map it to an Alexa routine? Or would it just be a split of Alexa for my “simple” tasks and Home Assistant for the more complex ones?

I believe you would need a home Assistant hub. But you should be able to create a recipe in IFTTT as well. But a Home Assistant hub provides the most flexibility.

I actually use an ISY 994i and do this kind of control based on weather, time of day, whether anyone is at home, etc.

Ok makes sense. I’d don’t have a Home Assistant setup. Maybe something I can look in to for later. I tried IFTTT but when trying to use the Bond service after logging in the devices never load. I saw somewhere IFTTT is no longer supported, but looks like I can maybe use Webhooks and the Bond API. I think I’ll start with that since it’s the free option.

Hi there, I made Bond integration plugin for HomeSeer:

HomeSeer has many weather plugins - so you can perform actions based on the current/forecast weather. I’m using my Bond plugin to automatically close my windows shutters if too hot/cold day is expected.