Alexa BOND and Ecobe

I am trying to setup a routine in Alexa where if my ecobee temperature is warm, will turn on my fans. After trying to get it to work any way I could think of, gave up and am now looking for some help.

Hey @Wolfiey - guessing by the title you don’t necessarily have any SmartThings / Hubitat / Home Assistant / etc smart home integration controller?

I believe most of us that do that kind of logic-controlled level of automation use some platform such as those I listed above to achieve the desired outcome.

Using the Echo plus with the smart home hub.

I don’t use Alexa personally, but I see there are people who use the Echo Plus’s own internal thermostat to trigger routines.

Go to devices>Alexa Devices. Open the Echo Plus and there is a ‘Create Routine’ link. Create your routine from there and include the Echo Plus’s temperature as the trigger.

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Searching around, I do not yet see anyone successfully using a separate integrated smart thermostat’s temperature reading as a trigger in Echo Routines.
Echos (Plus version with Zigbee controller included) may not have enough flexibility to do exactly what you want, but maybe others in the community here will have some nifty tricks to suggest.

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