All Fan Lights Turn on Late at night

I bought a bond bridge a couple of days ago and immediately set up my 5 fans and I also set up the Alexa integration. All of the fan/light commands work from the IOS app and Alexa.

Three of the fans have lights. Two of the fans are from the same manufacturer.

There are no schedules.

When I go to bed ALL of the lights on the fans are OFF, when I wake up ALL of the fan lights are ON!

This never happened ‘pre-bond’.

Any suggestions to what might be going on?



Couple of things it could be.
a) First thing: are the lights on the fans controlled, originally, by a “toggle light power” single button on their remotes, or is there separate “light power on” and “light power off” buttons?
b) do you have any Alexa routines that turn all lights in the house or certain rooms “off”?
c) do you mix use of Bond (either through Alexa and/or the Bond app) AND ALSO still use the original remote / wall switches?

If (a) is answered as “single button light power toggle”, (b) is answered as “yes”, then for (c) we may need to discuss pros/cons.

But I’ll wait to hear your answers before I jump to too many assumptions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I asked the same question to bond support. They told me to check the activity logs and see if ‘End point Health OK’ was present. It was frequently present in the logs.

Support recommended that ‘Alexa Hunch’s’ be turned off and also the ‘Guardian’ feature.

I turned off Hunches and the problem has not reoccured.

The ‘Health OK’ notation has also completely vanished from the activity logs.

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Glad to hear you were able to use official Support options and they got you a quick and effective answer.
Thanks for posting the solution that worked for you!

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Whoops I spoke too soon. Alexa appears to be tracking my phone. If I leave my home for a while then when I return all of the fan lights will be on.


Not as familiar with the Hunches and Guardian options within Alexa, so I’d like to learn.
You mentioned you turned off Hunches - did you also disable the Guardian feature?