Replacing Ceiling Fan


I am replacing a 3 speed AC ceiling fan with a 6 speed DC ceiling fan and wanted to know best practice to do so in Bond app. I have a heap of Google Home Routines the current fan belongs too. Can anyone advise on what the least destructive way of migrating to new fan would be or do i simply have to note everything down and start from scratch?

Thanks in advance

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I don’t actually know of a way for us as end users to essentially clone an existing device, with or without a different remote template, especially where it would be transparent to GH integrations.

My suggestion would be to slowly, manually start over without deleting your old stuff, in case someone has better ideas to try.
New device in Bond, new versions of the GH routines.

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@merck @jacob Any tips/advice?

If it’s not a “template” device: You can take the old device and start adding new commands to it, and delete old ones, just replacing signals one-by-one and expanding as necessary. It should just work with your old routines.

If it is a “template” device: you might be able to delete the whole device and add a new device with the same name. I’m not sure what would happen to your routines in this case though, I’m afraid they might be lost. (@joaoricardo might know?)

How to know if it’s a “template” device: device settings will list a field called “template”. (This is basically the name of a script that’s used to build signals on-the-fly for the device.)


Thanks Jacob, i don’t have the template field so it must not be a template device. One more question if I rename an existing fan in Bond, not sure if that flows through to Google Home or if a manual rename is required their too, would that impact the routines to your knowledge?

I like this idea, @jacob!

@Trial_Master : if I recall my previous tinkering, simply renaming an existing device does not change enough to break integrations.

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I’m pretty sure that this should work. At least I know that name changes are automatically synced with Google Home.

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Awesome. Thanks Jacob.

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@jacob - what is the best way to change an existing device’s max speed? (in this case, from 3 to 6??)
I got to thinking about that - isn’t it read only via the API?

what is the best way to change an existing device’s max speed?

by recording a “Speed 6” command.

The read-only property max_speed is just max(argument in commands where action == SetSpeed).

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Hi @jacob @merck

Electrician came today and fans are now installed. I was able to teach the commands to the Bond app and that worked great. Thanks.

Question for you on my Bedroom fan, it was a 3 speed fan and is now a DC 6 speed. I can’t get SmartThings to recognise it’s 6 speed now. I have tried deleting the devices and then adding a device. Am i doing something wrong or does ST not support 6 speed fans?

EDIT: Google Home sees the fan as 3 speed too.

So the fan shows as 6-speed in the Bond Home app?

Try deleting the device on the Google Home / SmartThings side and then re-syncing with Bond Home (“hey Google, sync my devices”). If that doesn’t work, you can try un/re-linking the Bond Home skills.

Yep the Bond app shows that fan with the 6 speeds and they all work.

I did try removing the device from ST and then unlinking Bond, it made no difference. I was wondering if ST only recognises 3 speeds in relation to ceiling fans?

Can’t really work out what the issue is otherwise

EDIT: Looks like ST only supports 3 speeds