First time on this forum: Suggestions for Replacement Ceiling Fans (with Light Kit)

I am considering to replace 3 ceiling fans in my home and get Bond to use with Home Assistant.
I am looking for suggestions that ideally include:

  1. led lights
  2. Bond + Home Assistant controllable
  3. Also controllable with wall switches (one for fan and one for light) for each of the fans


If and when I am about to replace ceiling fans, I make a best attempt to get a Smart By Bond (look at the partners listed lower in the page) enabled fan, which preempts the need for a Bond Bridge, and gives significant benefits for state tracking in Bond and integrations.

Those would come with remotes that can be wall-mounted; is that acceptable for “wall controls”, or are you meaning you must absolutely have wall switches to supply or remove power from the light and fan?
I tend to think you would want the remote vs the wall switch, as removing power from the light or fan with an actual switch makes automation and integration nearly impossible to rely upon.

We can discuss more if you’d like more details and tips / suggestions for your search.

Thanks for your kind response which I will consider. Right now I have 2 wall switches (fan/light) for each fan. I probably can live without these…

I personally end up wiring one wall switch to the fan+light kit, but leaving that switch on at all times (unless I need to do some rare sort of rescue power cycle for any reason).
Then by only using the remote (and voice assistants / scripts and automations via Bond’s API) my integrations and automations reliably work.

Indeed as @residualimages stated. You don’t need to live without. The SBB fans all have RF receivers and most are available with a wall control option. The wall control is basically an RF remote that fits into an electrical workbox.

There’s also a cheaper option… if your current fans are AC, you could just swap out the receiver.

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I saw this remote controller:

To the best of your knowledge, how would this work ? Would I need a Bond Bridge on top of this remote ? Would this remote work with most ceiling fans ?
If you don’t know about this specific remote, then what about the remote that you referred to earlier ?

For those of you who have wall switch for ON/OFF power to the fan/light kit, how do you ensure that “someone” (my wife) does not keep turning it off. Without power the none of the integrations will respond. I like the idea of leaving the wall switch to do hard power reset if needed but I need to prevent its accidental use. I know it is a silly question but if someone has solved this non-tech issue, I would welcome ideas @residualimages @merck

I think that switch on the bottom of the WUCI-1000 is a service switch that addresses this issue while still allowing to power cycle the fan (though personally I don’t like to use it as a safety disconnect… I always go to the breaker).

I’m checking with Craftmade to find out for sure. (EDIT: Yes, they confirmed this is indeed what it does. They may update their listing with some instructions to make it clearer.)

@merck Thank you for the quick reply. Absolutely agree about the safety disconnect. I would turn off the breaker if I needed to work on the fan. But making a trip to the breaker panel (we are getting lazier!!) is not always convenient.

For friends and family that have toggle style switches, things like this have helped them keep the switches but “train” home members and guests to use the remote.
Edit: saw these for rocker style switches - magnet-powered!

I may or may not have made a label for the guest rooms over the years that goes on the switch plate that says “LEAVE ON, USE REMOTE”… :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile: