Hampton bay Ceiling Fans, Wall mounts and Remotes

New to this Forum, but recently I bought some new Avery ceiling fans from Home Depot. These fans came with remotes that were used to control them, but I wanted to add a wall mounted remote as well, however, I cannot get both the Hampton bay Universal Wall mount remote and the remote that came with the fan to work together. What am I doing wrong?

Welcome, @Shipboard123 !
This forum is dedicated to products under the Bond / Olibra brand, which are related to making RF (and IR) devices “smart” by connecting to WiFi and allowing local programmatic integration with various DIY and professional smart home controllers.

That being said… let’s see if there is anything this community can do to assist you.
Not sure if you have dip switches that can be set in both remotes the same way?
The Avery manual I see on Home Depot’s site shows that may be needed on the original remote that came in the box:

If that gets you down the right path, great! If not, for Hampton Bay Support, I see:
Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to the store, call Hampton Bay Customer Service.
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