Figured out how to pair a Hunter 99120 after some trial and error

Just in case anyone else is having a similar problem, I finally figured out how to pair my Hunter 99120 remotes to the Bond. When the app says, “Press the button on your remote control,” it means “press and hold the button”, not “repeatedly press the button”. (This is made clear in the set up pamphlet, but not in the app verbiage.) It ends up paired as a Template C2, which works. This remote is FCC ID IN2TX31, in case anyone is searching for that. It feels like a stupid mistake, but I can’t be the only one who made it.


Glad you got it working. Indeed Hunter is one of the few makes of remote control which require the hold-until-green method. Most others require the SuperMash™ button mashing technique.


This caught me off guard tonight :rofl: