Recommended Minka remote ... not recognized :/

Well, this is frustrating. I bought the Minka Aire RCS223 remote, one of the recommended RF remote kits, and the setup does not recognize the device (a few FCC IDs are shown, but not this one).

The remote is TR110A, FCC ID KUJCE10007 (edit: fix FCC ID)

If this is one of the 3 recommended remotes shouldn’t setup be… seamless?

Hmm… we’ve got a KUJCE10007 (that’s three zeroes) in the database. It should be in the “D1” family. Do you see that result?

Whoops, yes, it is KUJCE10007 with 3 zeros, sorry - I’ll edit original comment if I still can.

This is what shows up - yes, D1 is in there, among others, including some with FCC IDs. How would the user know which one to choose?

(Also, an enhancement request: in the “We’ve found some remote controls” screen, it would be nice to be able to go back and try to re-record a sample command to search for. With another remote, I got different results on different tries, and not all of them were correct each time…)

Does D1 control your fan well?

Each of these A/B/C/D/etc. “families” has many associated FCC IDs, so we decided to go with a more functional description. They’re sorted by prevalance.

I’ll forward this to the mobile team!

I guess that makes sense, but still - how would a user know which one to choose?

The ability to search by FCC ID, particularly if you actually have those in your database, would be hugely helpful vs. the current trial and error approach.

In the end I gave up and recorded manually, because I didn’t want to have to test up to 9 options x 6 buttons to know if I’d guessed right.