Quiet cool whole house fan

I had a contractor install a whole house fan with a RF remote brand name QuietCool. I have the bondhome running other ceiling fans successfully but although i can get the bond unit to accept the transmitter commands bond unit itself can’t successfully enable or disable the fan.


Help apprecaited


I second this. This is the main reason I bought the device to see if it could control this. I have had little luck. I have got it to control it, but the problem is it’s not controlling it correctly even with the learn function. Hoping someone can get this to work.

The frequency captured is 433.850, however the sequencing of the remote is not being captured correctly. I got it to control the unit a bit, but The remote is really two parts. It has a speed setting and a delay. The remote turns off when it’s timed out and then you click the buttons on it and it sends the command.