Open Somfy blinds to a lower position than 'My'?

Looking for some tips for how to set up a Google Home routine here…

In the mornings I like to crack open my blinds just a little so I can get some daylight into my bedroom, while also sparing my neighbours’ blushes as I get dressed. This means the blind is open to a position a lot lower than that of the ‘My’ position.

I’m trying to add an action(s) to my “good morning” routine that will achieve this, but not having much luck… I’m thinking something like:

  1. set blind to My
  2. [silently speak phrase that will take about a second to execute]
  3. set blind to My

Which hopefully will pause the blind right where I want it.

Action #2 is where I’m struggling to find the right action/ syntax… It seems that, unlike Alexa, GH doesn’t have a ‘wait’ action, and the ‘¿’ character used with IFTTT to silence a phrase makes the routine bug out…

Any suggestions very much appreciated


For step 2, you could ask your Bond Bridge to do some unrelated transmission that takes 1 second, just as a way of enforcing a delay. That may require fiddling with command.reps on the API. – This would result in more accurate results as the Bridge queues up transmissions and thus would absorb network jitter.

Otherwise, I assume you like the ‘My’ position where it is now… and that you don’t want to change it this lower position? You could adjust it lower by following Somfy’s instructions.

Thanks for the reply, @merck. Yes, I like the My position as it stands now (about 3 ft. up some pretty tall 12 ft windows) but would also like a lower increment, say 1 ft).

I don’t know anything about fiddling with the API (though am tech-savvy enough to learn) though my gut feel is there’s a simple workaround through Google Home that I haven’t quite found yet…

I’m assuming that there’s a 1:1 relationship between the My button on the Somfy app and the one stored on the Somfy remote (so I couldn’t store the existing My position as My1 in the app; adjust the My position on the remote and save in the app as My2 etc etc). So perhaps a feature request for your development backlog… a macro button of sorts on the app that’ll record the My button being pushed on the remote once, then again 1 second or so later. Or the Up button followed by the My button, and so on.

That way people could adjust their blinds incrementally… I can program all that with a GH routine, it’s just that I can’t figure out how to enforce that delay between button pushes…


Indeed, we are hoping to implement “hey Google, set my blinds to 42%”. But it’s not yet clear whether it will work, or how well. — That said, I know you will want to try it :slight_smile:

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