Dust Collector with 303.98mhz remote?

I am looking if a Bond Bridge might me a good option here. I have a wood shop with a central dust collection system I am trying to automate. The dust collector I’d need to turn on/off has a 303.98mhz remote to control it with a on and off button. I also have an air cleaner mounted to the ceiling that has a 315mhz remote and on/off speed and run time options on the remote. Are these potentially controllable via a bond bridge?

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The answer is quite likely yes, I’d say.
They are both within the RF range of the hardware, and unless they’ve got some weird signals / modulation, they should both have a pretty decent chance of working with a Bond Bridge (BD-1000).

For supported RF ranges at the hardware level:

All versions of Bond Bridge support OOK modulation, but if for some reason those devices are FSK, here are details related to modulation support at the hardware level:

How would you know if you are buying a newer Zermatt version or not?

If you buy from our website or our Amazon listing or HomeDepot, you are certain to get a 2nd gen unit.

The only way you’d get a gen 1 (snowbird) is if you got one from a friend or eBay.

That said we learned our lesson and any future major hw change will be a new model/SKU.

Thanks, Chris. I know I probably over-emphasize this difference, but I want to make sure new folks have the information up front. :sweat_smile:

Please let us all know how it works out if you move forward, @diito.