Multiple Sites On One Account?

I work for an integrator and we have used Bond Pros for several houses now and have plans to use them in a lot more in the future, but we’re wondering if there is a way to manage multiple sites from a single login, or at least using the same email address? Most of our customers are very hands off, and sometimes can be difficult to get in contact with to have them set up their own accounts. It would be great to have the option to just have all of them setup in the same managed account. Is this something that I might have just missed? If it’s currently not an option, can anyone suggest any good work arounds? Hoping this can be implemented in the future if it’s not an option already.

Hey Cole,

We do not have this kind of feature, but the pattern we see white-glove installs using is:

and presumably using some password management scheme.

Another pattern is to use the customer’s email address and name, but you keep the password. If you want them to have the Bond app, you share them the password. We like this because we get to share product updates with them (lite marketing :slight_smile: ), but if they really are not using our app and may not even know who Bond is, then it’s best to use the first pattern.