Multiple IOS users for one Bond

I have a bond bridge set up and it works perfectly for control with my iphone. I would like other members of my family to have the app on their iphone and to be able to control the blinds. What is the best way to do this? Do they download the app and I give them my login credentials? Or is there another way to do it whereby as the “Master” I approve them?

Just as one of the questions that might come up - do you have any voice assistants in the house (Amazon Echo/ Alexa or Google Home)?

We use Google Home.

If you set up your Bond to use Google Home, the Google Home app can have guests / members added for on screen controls (of device types that Google provides on screen controls), and / or voice assistant integration.

I don’t have any smart blinds, personally, but the Bond staff and other community members here have indicated in the past that some of the blind and shade controls are available by voice only with Google Home, if I read them correctly. Not sure if Google has changed to allow on screen controls of blinds / shades yet?

As far as guest control of the Bond devices from the Bond app, I believe the company has not made a way to run the app without signing in. I also, from testing personally with a “dummy” / old login do not believe that you can create a second / guest account and still have control over the same Bond Bridge as your primary account; they seem locked to one account.

I get around this limitation with a setup that I don’t expect most people to pursue - any of my Bond controlled devices that I want guests (or myself!) to be able to control regardless of app access, I create integrations with my third party smart home controller (ISY) and use Harmony (via Hue emulator) and/or Insteon 8-keypad remotes to allow physical control.

That being said, if you wanted to allow your guests to log in under your Bond account on their devices, that would work (though also gives them access to the devices when they’re no longer at your home).

@merck , did I overlook something for Guest access (no login) through the Bond app, only while on the same network?

You’re spot-on. You have to either share account credentials, or use voice assistants or other control system as your means of access-sharing.

Guest mode is one of those nebulous features on the “someday” roadmap. It keeps getting pushed out in favor of things like more compatibility, and now Groups/Scenes. However I do like to see what people want specifically… so when we get to it we can build the “right thing”.


Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated. We have a lot of blinds and voice control is hit and miss because people keep forgetting blind names… Would be great for them to have access via their own phone (without sharing credentials).

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