Home Assistant Bond Integration- Not Turning Devices on/off

I have the Bond Integration installed on my Home Assistant Yellow, I confirmed the devices (2 custom controllers one RF, the other IR) are working in the bond app, but not in Home Assistant. They show up in HA and have on/off switches, however pressing them does nothing. I checked the log and there are no errors. Anyone else experiencing this? Any idea where to start troubleshooting this?

I’m trying to automate my woodshop and this is a critical part to doing that.

Does the Bond Bridge blink when you press the buttons in Home Assistant?
Is your Home Assistant and the Bond Bridge in the same network?

Looking into the Bridge logs may help, just need your permission and Bond ID (feel free to send in a DM).

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply. I finally got it working, I removed the device, and I added a ceiling fan type rather than a generic device.

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