Control two smart fans at the same time

I installed two smart fans on my patio (Minka-Aire Barn H2O). They are setup with the same frequency code so that I control both fans/lights at the same time with one remote (I ALWAYS want both fans/lights to match) . That works fine. Then I downloaded the Bond Home app to my phone. I added both fans as two separate devices; Fan 1 and Fan 2 (no hub or Bridge required). Now I have full control each fan (speed, direction) and each light (level) separately through Bond Home on my phone. Is it possibly for Bond Home to control BOTH fans/lights at the same time so that it looks like one device on my phone?

I figured it out…create a GROUP!


Do let us know how you like the Group feature. As you will quickly discover, it does not work with Alexa & Google (as they don’t support Groups from third parties).

Here is the trick I used for my outdoor shades to operate them simultaneously with alexa without using the bond group function. I created a quasi shade called Shade 2C3 which denoted the channel 2 used for 3 shades. The way to accomplish this is to merge the 3 shades on a new non default channel 2 on the remote and used that remote setting to learn the Bond hub those control settings. Now I have in addition to individual control of each shade the quasi shade to operate them in bond or Alexa simultaneously. The same should be possible in your case if the remote offers multi channel control.

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