Manual Commands or Block Functions to Google on IN2T45 Remotes

Hey there!

I’ve been using Bond for several years. As my smart home has changed I’ve found the need to make tweaks to my Bond settings.

I have 4 fans that use the IN2TX45 remote on whatever their frequency is. When I add them to Bond, I can use a remote preset that works great and has all the fan functions I want… however I do not want any light commands as my light in these fans are Hue bulbs and that’s how I want to manage them. I attempted to just edit the commands and remove the light functionality from Bond - Which worked great in Bond, but the Google integration still sees the fan lights (this really should have worked and I really wish it would).

My next step was to remove the devices and add them back using manual command entries. This worked for getting rid of the unwanted lights in Google, but I no longer have Fan speeds or Min/Max fan, or Winter/Summer mode… All I have now is an on/off toggle and increase or decrease fan speed.

Is there anyway to get all the fan/remote functions without the light? If not, why can’t we?

Since this is a pervasive problem with Bond I can only hope they adopt a more effective strategy how to override templates details for functions not installed or intended to be controlled elsewhere. I have 2 fan without light options installed and still get phantom lights transmitted to ALEXA when connecting with skill. The most efficient way would be to read the manual overrides and transmit only the functionality represented in the remaining controls intended to use.

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Does your original remote have discrete buttons for fan speeds (or does it keep track itself of speeds by flashing a different number of LEDs or something), or Summer / Winter mode toggles?

I’m curious if you have those why they didn’t get recorded in Bond when you manually set up new devices via raw-recording signals… Or if you mean, even though you’ve raw-recorded all the commands (including those) and while they’d then show in the Bond app, if they’re not integrating with Google Home then?

I don’t use Google Home / Assistant for Bond devices via their first-party integration very much, so I apologize if I’m missing the mark.

No. They only came in as part of the Remote Template used. The physical remote only has:

  • Light Toggle
  • Fan Toggle
  • Increase Speed
  • Decrease Speed