Fan Toggle Command Sync Workaround Ideas

I have a number of Hunter fans with the their standard remotes. Bond is awesome in controlling fans that you’re sitting in front of, but it’s challenging if a fan or light is out of sync and the commands are toggles instead of discrete on and off. Doing “turn off all lights” in Google home turns the Fan lights on in some cases.

It seems that with toggle commands, it should be relatively easy to make the commands do what you actually want by issuing 2 commands, for example
“turn off fan” can be “speed up” + “turn off”
“turn off light” can be “brightness up” + turn off"

is there any way to implement this in bond?

The old problem of “dumb” non-stateful (toggle) remotes and Bond.

There are a number of ways to work around this, but at the end of the day, I’ll say the best success comes when you abandon the original remotes entirely and SOLELY use Bond + any smart home integrations with Bond that you can leverage (voice assistant and/or physical) and enable “trust tracked state” in Bond options.

I personally use a combination of ISY + Bond + Insteon + Harmony + Raspberry Pi with fairly stable results; there are a number of other integrations available as well.

Some remotes that have the same button for toggling or toggling and holding might be able to be configured in the Bond API (via command line PATCH calls and similar) to extend the repetitions of buttons.
Some integrations can basically send “macros” or a series of commands (with any required delays between the commands) for Bond to execute.