Adding additional commands not on 3 speed universal remote

I have several of these remotes from Home Depot:

MOD NO: 99110
P/N: K1131-01
IC: 3558A-TX36
Frequency: 434Mhz

The only buttons on the remote are:

  1. Light Toggle (press and hold for brighter/dimmer)
  2. Fan Toggle
  3. Speed 3
  4. Speed 2
  5. Speed 1

Even though the fan doesn’t have specific buttons for it, I am wondering if the receiver has the ability to receive commands for:

  • Light On
  • Light Off
  • Fan On
  • Fan Off

And if so, how I might go about accomplishing that. Is this the place to start with? Thanks

Usually with what I’ve seen from fans (unlike from TVs and other electronic devices) if the original remote does not have a command, the receiver doesn’t know any additional “hidden” commands.

What’s particularly common with fans is the lack of a discrete on / off as separate commands - and instead they rely on one single toggle command.

Now, where Bond can sort of approximate a discrete on and off, for both fan and light, is if you allow Bond to be your one and only means of control (including voice assistant integrations and / or other home automation controls through the Bond API), and never use the original physical remote.
Bond has a “trust tracked state” setting that says, if you use Bond API calls or voice assistant integrations and you say “turn on fan” or “turn on light”, and Bond thinks the fan or light is already on, it will NOT send the toggle command.
Conversely, if you say “turn off”, and Bond thinks the device is currently on, then it will send the toggle command (it doesn’t make a new magic discrete ‘off’ command, it just uses the toggle).

There is also, in the Bond app, a way to “fix tracked state” if somehow the Bond gets out of sync with the real world - like, if someone uses Bond to toggle On the fan, and then someone uses the original remote and toggles OFF the fan without using Bond and Bond falsely believes the fan is still ON.

Depending on your smart home integration setup and your level of DIY knowledge, you can use alternative physical remotes, physical smart switches, or apps to call the Bond API commands and somewhat approximate having physical controls instead of being limited to just voice controls and the Bond app itself.

If you’d like examples of that level of hackery- I hide the original fan remote for my living room and integrate (via three or four layers of DIY integrations) my Harmony remote physical buttons to allow for control fan lights.
Or, one of my bedroom fans I use an Insteon 8 button remote to control the fan and lights - again, hiding the original fan remote.
For both the living room and that bedroom fan / lights, I use the Bond app and/or Google Home (or Google Assistant if that’s what you call it) voice commands in addition to the Harmony or Insteon remote.

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how do you get harmony to control bond? that’d be nice to have set up.