Location of Backup Files

I recently made use of the restore option to restore a backup I had taken of my bridge. Prior to this I had searched for the files on my phone but could not find them. Can someone point me to where these are stored?


For iPhone:

Files app > On My iPhone > Bond Home > backups > *.bbackup.

And if you think that there’s a problem related to something in the backup—like getting the connection error after upgrade only when the devices are loaded—then you can DM me the backup and we’ll take a look over here.

Sorry, should have mentioned I’m on Android.

It was more for reference so I can find the file and download it to another location for safe keeping.

I’m on a rooted device, but have backups here:


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@endy - has it ever been considered to allow “sending” / sharing the backup files when long pressing an entry for them in iOS and Android Bond apps?
Right now that seems to be solely mapped to a Delete (with confirmation) action.

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Hey @residualimages ,
We never considered that in the app, but it is a good idea!


If we are in the mode of making suggestions… :slight_smile: I was thinking it would be nice, to protect me from myself, to offer the option to take a backup prior to applying a firmware update, if not taking a backup always, perhaps even after as well.

For all my inconvenience in this space recently, the blame is squarely on me for not following the clear and simple advice to take a fresh backup before applying a firmware update. I feel like if the firmware update process included a backup it may have made it les of a barrier than the admittedly seconds it takes to create a backup.

This is by no means a criticism or seen as a flaw in the platform, just, like I said protecting me from myself. So very much a nice to have…

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@endy - if the Bond team ends up putting in the “send” / share backup files feature, there should also be a GUI button in the same Backups / Restore part of the app to “import” / manually select a backup file.
And/or maybe associate the .bbackup or .bondbackup file types on iOS / Android with the Bond app, where opening a file (like from an email attachment or cloud storage app) would prompt the user to start a restore?

The ideas are very nice and I like both. The first one is a bit harder to implement tho.
Have to be clear and say that I’m not sure we’ll have the time to do something about it in the next months (lots coming)…

I know it is a lot more work, but it all can be achieved by using the file editor. You can send your backup files from there to your storage service and if you bring some files to that folder, it will show up as a backup to restore.
If you are a bit more hardcore, you can backup it directly to your home server, like the docs explain: Bond Local API