LG Projector with Magic Remote [BEJMR20PJTR]

Hi All,

Trying to understand if I can get my LG projector (model: HU810PW) controlled by Bond (and then eventually through other home control apps). The projector comes with a RF remote (FCC ID: BEJMR20PJTR). Any ideas if something like this will work with Bond?


Frequency Range: 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz (Bluetooth)

Does not look like this remote would be compatible with Bond at a hardware level (unless the Bond team unlocks some additional Bluetooth functionality in the future, but not sure what’s even in which Bridges for sure when it comes to Bluetooth hardware).

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There’s also an IR receiver on the back of my LG projector that uses a magic remote. It’s a different model and I’m not using it with Bond, but I think LG projectors use both IR and RF.