Enbrighten Landscape Lights

I have a set of Enbrighten Landscape lights that come with an RF remote that I’d love to connect to bond but nothing I do makes it record the signal. Any other ideas on getting it to record the signal?

Does this look like the manual for the lights / remote you’re using?

If so, it is 2.4 GHz - not within the RF range of any (current) Bond hardware.
Official hardware level supported frequencies in Bond Bridge: ~300-500 MHz (Serials starting with ZZ support 285.5 - 505.5 MHz, older models with serials starting with A or B only support 300 - 450 MHz)

Well darn it that’s it. I didn’t even think to check on the range supported. Thanks for responding so quickly

I learned the hard way with one of my RF devices I just assumed would work - sorry to pass on this information to you as well, but at least you know now. :pensive: