IKEA Ansluta RF Remote

I have IKEA’s “Ansluta” remotes controlling under cabinet lighting. I’m wondering if a Bond hub could learn these remotes, and provide control over these devices. It a simple, one-button momentary switch on these remotes. One ‘click’ turns the on “low”, next click “high”, then “low” again, then Off.

Specs on RF from IKEA: Frequency range: 2400 MHz ~ 2483.5 MHz.

FCC ID in image: (MHz is different in picture than website info…)

If it is the 433 MHz then the Bond Bridge should technically be able to learn that.
If it’s the 2.4 GHz then the Bond Bridge doesn’t have the hardware to support that range.

Have you attempted to add a generic device, turning off data base lookup, and been able to scan an original remote press during setup?

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yeah not yet :slight_smile: i haven’t bought the Bond Bridge yet. Was looking at it to control a new Minka Air Ceiling fan, and started to wonder what else it might be able to do…

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