Joining WIFI with Emoji SSID

I have an SSID with an Emoji in the name. Is this supported?

When trying to connect my fan, it can’t connect to the network.

TBH, I haven’t tried using unicode escape yet (my patience with the process is pretty worn out).

Checking our backend, it looks like you got it connected? (For privacy reasons we cannot tell whether you used a password with or without emojis, so do tell!)

To answer your question: yes, you should be able to use emojis. We actually tested this with a smattering of emojis and non-latin charsets, though for others reading: beware BD-1000 units with serials starting A or B and the pizza (:pizza:) emoji. That specific emoji can do strange and terrible things to the WiFi driver. (I’m dead serious.)


I think what you might be seeing is the test flight that happens while I’m connected to the bond-whatever ssid and traffic was proxied via my phone’s cellular connection (there was a prompt along the lines of “you’re not connected to the internet, use cellular…”).

I’ll check again this weekend when I have more time

It should be fine, connection-wise. What’s a bit odd is connecting to hex-named SSIDs. This is because the WiFi driver on these units translates non-ASCII characters to their hex representations. e.g, from these devices’ POV, an SSID named “:pizza:” and an SSID named “0x1f355” are indistinguishable.

So if you for whatever reason have an SSID named “0x1f355”, it’ll be rendered as a pizza emoji in the app, but you can connect to it.

To be clear, as @merck mentioned, this is only for older model A- and B- prefixed Bond Bridges. Newer Bond Bridges and Smart-by-Bond devices should handle emoji (and hex) SSIDs perfectly. So if you’re still having trouble let us know and we’ll take a look at it, I have an emoji hotspot in the office for just this purpose.

@jacob Is there a limit on the SSID length? I have the B prefixed Bond Bridge and my SSID is :heart: :rice: :heavy_plus_sign: :heart: :rice: (There is space between each Emoji). All my other device can connect to this but the Bond Bridge sees it as :heart: :rice: � and wont connect.

Ah, yeah, that’d do it. There’s a 32-character limit to SSIDs, and each emoji would be translated to 13 characters by the driver (e.g. “0xF0 9F 8D 9A” for the rice), so it makes sense that the third would be clipped off.

I’ll see what we can do.