Is there a way to sync multiple blinds to go up and down together?

I have a number of rooms that have multiple blinds that I would like to go up and down together. For example my home office has three windows, all with the same blind. I trigger then up and down through a Hubitat integration. But no matter how I do it there is always a delay between each blind. I don’t see anyway in the app or otherwise to join three blinds together and have them all respond at the same time? Any thoughts? Thanks.

What kind of blinds are they? (Assuming from your other post just now they are Rollerhouse motors)
If the blind manufacturer can group them via an OEM remote, it may be possible with Bond. Do you know if they have that ability natively?

As individual blinds, Bond has to send RF commands to each separately, so there is delay due to transmission time to each device.

I looked at the manuals. There doesn’t seem to be a way to pair more than one motor with the same remote, unless you use a multi-channel remote. But the multi-channel remote still apparently sends out a separate code for each motor so is no different than having multiple

What I usually like to do, if you have a smart assistant like Alexa or google home, you can add them there then group them. This will also give you simple voice control to open and close the shades and not have to rely on a remote or app. I have done this for large exterior roll up shades for a customer of mine. He simply says “Alexa put down the TV Shade” for example. Works great and you don’t lose any of the remote or app functionality.

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We have a Shade Group feature in the works. For now, yes the Alexa/Google routines is the best solution in this case.

Looking forward to the shade group feature! Thanks.

YES PLEASE, a native Shade Group feature in the Bond app would be super awesome. In the meantime, I’m making do via Alexa groups.