Bond bridge blind group

HI. I am trying to teach a group of three blinds to the bond bridge. When I learn the comand from the somfy remote all three blinds jog. However, once learned the 2nd blind does not work from bond bridge. I also have another group of 6 binds with the above mentioned three blinds in it. Again 5 work but this one blind does not work from bond bridge.

Any advuce would be appreciated.

all three blinds jog […] but this one blind does not work from bond bridge

Sounds like those two motors’ memory are full. You can unpair some other remote from them, or factory reset.

(I’m assuming Somfy RTS.)

In my experience HW based grouping is a much more attractive way to have a reliable and simultaneous consistent operation of multiple blinds. The trick is to form the group on a remote channel and have the benefit of operating with or without internet connection.
The trick is to define in Bond a quasi device that represents the HW group and avoid multicommand transmission for a group operation defined by Bond.