Somfy Shade Group Sync

So when using groups on the Bridge (non-pro), the shades move 1 after another instead of moving together (synced). My Tahoma hub has them synced so I miss this feature.

Is the bridge non-pro capable of moving groups simultaneously?

Can the bridge pro do it for Somfy? I saw a note that another mft had group shades synced in a release note


I found it more efficient to group my 5 Somfy shades on the remote and have only 1 trigger to run them simultaneously. Any other way made them move at least staggered and not truly simultaneous.

I thought about that but there’s all cases where I want to use blinds individually. The TaHoma hub is terrible in so many ways but the sync group is useful

You didn’t detail your HW configuration and the limitations of the remote control functionality, so I can only describe my approach.
Pairing on a 1 channel on a remote doesn’t exclude individual control if you have a multi-channel control, mine has 5 channels. So each control is initially paired with channel 1 by default with it respective motor. So in my case I have 5 remotes controlling each respective shade motor uniquely on channel 1. Now I paired 2 shades on channel 2 and the other 3 on channel 3. So that gives me operability of sync operation of 2 and 3 shades. In case you want more granularity in automation you need to also register each shade separately on its default channel. Whereas manual control is always possible using respective remote.

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Hey @mgoh99 !

As @Joachim47 mentioned, you can achieve that by grouping the shades and having only one trigger.
Even if you don’t have spare channels on your remote control or some other constraint, you can achieve that by repeating the Pair procedure (screens titled “Prepare your device” and “Pair your remote”) in the Add flow for each of the shades you want to control synced.

Let me know if I can help you better!

Thanks so much for the answers @ Olibra team. You guys are great and so is the community here!