Is it possible to chain commands

My ‘unsupported’ remote that is somewhat working. Investigating other integrations, there is a ‘flow’ to overcome the inability to know where Fireplace Fan

What others are doing.

There are 6 levels of fan

To get to level 2

  • go up 6
  • go down 4

To get to level 5

  • go up 6
  • go down 1

Can this be done in the API?

I am hopping to use Home Assistant, I have the integration added, and only see ‘some’ of the controls (same subset that is scene on the ALEXA integration).

Any guidence is appreciated.

At this time, I don’t think the Bond team has given us the ability to do “macros” / series of commands.

Routines in Alexa / Google Home or advanced integration efforts in your home automation platform of choice (sounds like Home Assistant for you) seem to be the most viable options for now.

For instance, I personally have color-tunable lights in my fans; for those, I have my ISY controller handle “Turn On” actions via Bond API and then do a check for if it is daylight or warm light time frame, and given the last color state known in the ISY, issue additional commands via Bond API to have the light color updated to desired color.
(I also have a manual override available for me to ask my ISY to change the light color)