Deleted commands showing in Smartthings

Installed first BD1000 unit this week. (zz unit). Updated firmware to 2.28. Bond app 2.38

Found a couple of similar articles that said this issue had been resolved, but I am still seeing it.

My setup.
Most of my ceiling fans are setup with 2 wall switches. A smart switch for the light directly connected to the light wire on the fan. A basic wall switch connected to the remote receiver in the fan for controlling fan speed and/or direction.

So in this case, the remote does have light capabilities, but it is non-usable/connected.

In the Bond app, I select the bridge, add remote. Walk through the steps and it returns with remotes that have light & fan capabilities, which is expected.

I select the remote that works and go back and edit the commands available for that remote. I remove the light commands (and on one remote, the reverse). All is good in the Bond app.

When I link Bond to Smartthings (via the ST app), I get devices for the light commands that I have removed from the Bond app. I can remove them from ST, but they reappear 24 hrs later.

Is there anyway to do this without having to manually add the remote? I can do this for most of the fans I have setup on 2 wall switches becuase they either have manual reverse switches or they don’t have it at all. But there is one fan that has a remote-only reverse switch and it happens to be in my wife’s office and she uses it frequently.

Bond team - my ignorance of SmartThings is not allowing me to be very helpful with this issue that @DFD describes.
Do you have some suggestions?

Doing some more testing, it looks like the same thing is happening in the Alexa app as well.

For the fan that I have removed the light commands, those commands are imported into Alexa when I connect the Bond Home Skill (this is not going through SmartThings. It is direct Alexa - Bond connection)

I think I recall seeing, especially for a templated device, when you remove a button / Action in the app, it doesn’t actually update the Property of the device. So there is likely still a property that says “Feature_Light: True” or equivalent.

Here’s a suggestion that I can walk through, even without personally using Alexa or SmartThings.
If you start to add a new Ceiling Fan remote (new so that you don’t break anything existing while testing), name it something distinct, choose a fan-based command such as power toggle or Speed 1, and click the Advanced Settings - you can turn off “Search remote database” (you can also set it to only scan IR or RF, and specify a frequency, though it should not be necessary in this scenario), and using the same remote as you’ve used before, scan until green blinks, test and verify it captured correctly, and proceed on for the other commands.

Now, you’ll have to manually raw record / learn each command you want, but that by default ensures you only have the commands and properties you need. If you don’t include any light commands, then the raw-recorded device it makes should not, in theory, have any of those features to expose to Alexa or SmartThings.

I could be wrong, but it’s worth a shot - I have used this strategy to add a number of devices (albeit without Alexa or SmartThings integrations to worry about).

I believe it is an issue with the Bond Cloud Connector for SmartThings. I still have the same issue. Even if you remove the extra devices, they will keep coming back. I have Light and Winter mode devices that keep coming back even though they don’t exist for my devices. I believe they are using their feature flags instead of looking at the actual device actions. The actions are more fine grained.

This is what inspired me to develop a new Bond driver for SmartThings using the Edge environment. Automations will also execute locally without internet. It is currently in alpha testing. Let me know if you would like to join the test group and use it early. These trouble scenarios are great for testing.