Local API Control - Integrating with ISY994i

Integrating with a Dual-Band SwitchLinc On/Off (2477S) switch as well as an 8 button configured KeypadLinc Dimmer (2334-2) running Network Resources via programs to call BOND Local API tx commands, and tracking fan light status / fan speed with ISY variables.

Note that the load is not connected to either switch, so the switch as well as keypad button 1 (top left) are both purely programmatic.
Also note, these colors are more for demonstration / testing than final product, so don’t laugh too hard at me. :slight_smile:

Somewhat funny in-progress picture:

Fan Light:

Fan Speed (you’ll have to take my word the fan speed went to speed 3 and off):


Here is the style of Network Resource I used for the tx commands:

EDIT: Left the screenshot above alone, but the Path has been updated to use Actions now, and uses “trust state = true” since these switches or the Bond app are the only way to change my ceiling fan now.

Path update using Actions:

I also began using double tap on these switches to Start Dimmer and Stop Dimmer (tracking in ISY whether dimming is active and calling the correct action).

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All Fan / Fan light controls in that room are now using Network Resources leveraging the new Bond Local API Actions with “Trust State” enabled (vs the old tx method), and new cellophane colored buttons.
With this “Trust State” + Actions being tracked within the Bond Bridge, I can safely bury the original fan remote for this room in a storage box.
Only thing missing now is a way to ‘subscribe’ to events from Bond via the API (I believe this is in progress?) and then I will be able to update the status of my KPL buttons and the on/off switch to reflect changes that happen in the app.

(and yes, you see some buttons dedicated to lamp and bulb colors, which are not going through Bond [but do use an unofficial local network API for TP-Link Kasa bulbs])
FYI: I use Google Assistant integration through the ISY instead of through Bond, so I handle the mixtures of device types, scenes, and groups in the room through one service.