iOS Beta v1.114 (9) on TestFlight

The widget in this version still doesn’t show graphics for State Remotes.

Also doesn’t work on iPad but on everything not just widget.

Hey Joel. That’s odd… works for me on iPad mini. Can you hit the “Send App Logs to Support” button (you have to first tap the app version 7 times)? Maybe we can figure out what’s wrong from there.

Sent Logs as directed. Sent from iPhone and from iPad. The second was iPad that shows nothing at all.

Thanks… just to check, does the issue persist for you in v1.114.1?

Yes it does.Worse on iPad, the app doesn’t show icons on main screen. Where I choose which fan there are no circles or Icons just names of rooms.

Ok thanks, great feedback as we thought it was fixed. Will take a look.

fyi @thomas

Hi @joel
I think your icons are missing from the main screen because of a corrupt database. Database migrations were not stable on this build. Please delete the app from your iPad and reinstall. Let me know if this doesn’t fix that issue.

v1.114.2 (10) will be released soon and that should fix your missing icons from the today widget for good. Keep on eye on TestFlight for that release.

Yes that was the problem, all well in main app. Will wait and see about the widget.