IFTTT - Options Unavailable. Help!

I updated to Bond Home app and to the latest firmware yesterday. Now, I have lost all integration with IFTTT, everytime I try to create a new integration, I get “Options Unavailable”. Please help, I know IFTTT support is being pulled but I do not have Smart Things yet. I still need IFTTT support to run my automation

@merck could you advise?

Hey @jzanick, sorry, I don’t know how to help out with IFTTT but I did make a video showing how to set up SmartThings automations and scenes: SmartThings demo

It’s a pretty quick setup, no hardware required. If you have any questions about specifics I’d be happy to help out.

Do you mean IFTTT integration is no longer possible for now?

My integrations still work with IFTTT

Can you check if you can create new integrations? Also, did you update from bond bridge app to bond home app with the latest software?

IFTTT integrations still work with the V1 Bond Bridge app as a courtesy to users who were relying on this. We’re giving people some time to migrate to better solutions via API, community integrations, or SmartThings.

What is the v1 bond bridge app? I am on the bond bridge app and not the home. And could not get IFTTT working. Can you DM me your number so you could look into my account?

You can reach out to customersupport@bondhome.io or use Chat in the app for live support.

Keep in mind that we’ve dropped IFTTT support. That it continues to work for those who were using it was to help give them time to transition. We are only supporting the new app Bond Home with the new integrations.

What? I put this thing on my wish list months ago based entirely on IFTTT support. It’s useless to me without it. It’s going back in the box with a one star Amazon review incoming.

For what it’s worth, there’s a number of users who are integrating with IFTTT indirectly via ST.

We were seeing several minutes of latency through IFTTT so it wasn’t really viable anyway.

I’ve been using IFTTT for over two years. Latency has rarely been a problem for me.

Dropping IFTTT support is incredibly disappointing. I don’t have smartthings so this was my only way to automate fan activation and lighting in 3 of my rooms. My use cases aren’t latency sensitive so I didn’t even matter if my light or fan turned on 30 seconds after actuation.

Had I known IFTTT support was being dropped, I’d have looked into another solution rather than buying what is soon to be a far less useful device.

For what it’s worth, SmartThings does not require any purchase. You can use their app for free.

The other nice thing about SmartThings is, they do not charge us to integrate. So we are not under pressure to create some subscription model to cover integration fees.

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Not sure I follow, can you elaborate a bit more on how to integrate bond with just the smarthings app and then still indirectly connect this to IFTTT?

Hang tight, we’ll get you a video showing how to.

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here you go!


Awesome. Thanks for the quick walk-through, seems far more straightforward than I imagined. Will give it a shot when I get home.

Also, thanks @marcio & @merck for the very prompt replies. This type of instant support is uncommon, and unexpected, but very much appreciated.


So while I was able to indirectly link bond with ifttt via the smart things app, it seems that only basic actions are supported this way (e.g. Switch On/Off a light or fan) but no fan speed controls are available. In any case, it seems to be a passable work-around for now. Thanks again.

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