Pre-purchase questions about Hubitat and SBB fan

I have a Hubitat that (among other things) uses the Bond Home Integration app to control two fan/light units through a Bond Bridge. It all works well.

I am thinking about adding a Minka SBB fan to the mix. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Does the Hubitat app for Bond recognize the SBB fans? Can I control the SBB fan/light through Hubitat?

  2. Can the SBB fans communicate their current status back to the Hubitat (fan on? what speed? light on? how bright? etc?). If I use the SBB remote to change the fan’s status, will the Hubitat know the new state?

I think the developer does look at this forum, but you may get a quicker response to your questions if you post on the HE Community page for the Bond integration:

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Thanks. I’ll head over to the Hubitat forum to see what I can find.

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