Integrate with ambient weather for indoor weather

I was going to integrate Bond into IFTTT, and have the fans start when the indoor temp got above a certain threshold. “If Ambient weather indoor temp rises above 76 degrees, turn on bond ceiling fan #1”. But now, I see that IFTTT support has been dropped. Any ideas on how to automate some of this? Seems Bond decided that they didn’t want to pay IFTTT for the integrations… Is Bond going to be the next Wink?

Do you have a Hubitat Elevation hub at all?

There is a community developed set of drivers I have been using successfully for some time that can integrate Bond devices into a HE hub and then use HE’s rules engine to setup the rule you described.

Because of the local API, there is much more flexibility and integration potential than IFTTT provided.
IFTTT had, in many case, unacceptably long delays in relaying commands as well.

As @sburke781 noted, with other hubs or control systems in your home, the integration possibilities are pretty much only limited by your platform of choice and available plugins and/or DIY skills.

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thanks all, I do indeed use Hubitat, I have 2 hubs. I can’t believe I never thought to look for a driver. Will do that now. thanks again!


I’m glad you found a solution using a local integration. So much better than relying on a third-party cloud thousands of miles away.

We do support Samsung SmartThings cloud-to-cloud, which could be good for “weather” use cases. However, it’s still very cloud-dependent. — If you get some weather-based control working with Hubitat, I think some other users would be interested to learn about that. If they don’t already have a Hubitat Elevation, it may convince them to get one :slight_smile:

Quite the contrary :wink: . We are being very careful to keep our cloud costs sustainable so that we can keep serving this community for many years to come. It is precisely for this reason that we do not pay tithes to third-parties on a subscription basis while we only have a one-time purchase business model.


Good to know! Glad to have found this to help with my smart home integrations. BTW, I had 2 winks prior to hubitat, so I got burned prior. I have an ambient weather station that reports on indoor weather through the hubitat, but after adding the bond to the hubitat, not seeing a way to pull that indoor data and have it activate the bond fans. I picked up a couple zigbee temp/humidity sensors and that should solve the issue. I do appreciate the involvement that you have for a new user like me. Thanks again!