How to deal with Partial State Remote each button sends multiple commands

I have found that each of the three ceiling fan remote controls for which I purchased the Bond Bridge to duplicate seem to be what are referred to as partial state remotes. Each button press that I duplicate as a command in the Bond app sends the state of every variable for that command. For example, if I record the “Light on” command by pressing the button on the remote control which turns on the light, it successfully sets up that commend, but whatever state each other variable is in at the time I duplicate the command will be associated with that command. So “Light On” command in Bond will now be Light on+Fan Low+Winter Direction, for example. Or if I turn off the fan with the remote, change the direction to “summer” or “down” and then reprogram the “light on” command, then those variable will be duplicated with the light on command, so then when I touch “Light On” in the Bond app, it sends the signal for Light on+Fan off+summer.

For now I’ve recorded various combinations with different commands, and I’ve made a sheet so that I can remember which is which. For example, “Top Light On” = Light on, Fan on Speed 1, Winter direction". I would love to hear what others have done in this situation.

I do also have a smart switches that can turn the power to these ceiling fan devices on/off (C by GE on/off wired switch with a Neutral Wire) and I do use Google Home for my voice commands.

The remote is not in the Bond database. It is CHQ8BT7096T . I have three of them that came with the three Hunter Bay fans that I purchased new in 2007. My Bond Bridge firmware version is v2.15.8. Thanks!

@jacob - this looks like a fun one. Got ideas?