How to get bond to report accurate state of fan/light?

Hello. I have been working on a HA integration and controlling my bond has been great however I just noticed that the state of the fan or fan light does not properly reflect if I use the stock remote for the fan. For example, fan is off, then I use the fan remote to turn it on, the Bond is not triggered that anything changed, so it still displays as off.

I still have Smart Things so I tried there and same. Even in the Bond app itself.

This seems like a glaring flaw. Is this just how it is, or is there something I am missing? I saw an adv option in the app to correct the tracked state but that seemed more like a quick override and not a permanent setting to tell my remote to tell Bond to track the change.
This is the ‘Bond Bridge’ if is matters. Thanks all for the help!

Welcome, @roach !

So to keep things in sync, it’s best as if you approach the Bond Bridge as a replacement of your original remote, not a supplement.
The Bond staff have explained that the Bridge cannot send commands while listening, and that most OEM remotes are too weak to be reliably “heard” across a whole home / multiple rooms – all that to say that the Bond Bridge doesn’t “listen” for remote commands other than when adding a device to the Bridge.

There are some solutions you can pursue if, like me, you value physical controls instead of solely apps and voice assistants – but they rely on integrating Bond with their official Local API into a smart home control system, and/or using a Bond Bridge Pro with Bond’s Sidekick remotes.
I, for instance, use ISY controllers and a mix of Insteon / Harmony / Hue emulator / Bond Sidekicks to make physical controls for fans and light kits, as well as other devices Bond controls.
You can use a variety of controllers ( Home Assistant, etc ) to make these kinds of cross devices integrations possible.

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