Bond does not learn rf command

Hi there,
I have the same five ceiling fans.
Recently I bought the bond in order to replace the fans remotes.
While trying to “teach” the bond the remotes I encountered a weird thing.
Each remote has the next buttons:

  1. Turn off (for the fan only)
  2. 6 buttons - 1-6 fan speeds
  3. One button for the light, which makes the light to turn on at first push, second and third push will change the light temperature and the fourth push will turn off the light.

The problems I encountered was that just In one room, the turn off button works from the remote, but when trying to teach the bond it becomes green but it doesn’t really work and you can’t turn off the fan from it.

What can I do in order the bond will learn the turn off command in that room? Why there is a difference?(the remote off course works fine)

In addition when you teach the bond how to turn the lights on, it shows as if it works(turn green) but it’s like the bond sends the command twice so the light change to the second light temperature.

  1. Can anyone think why just in one room it happens?
    2 Is there a way to make the bond to send a command for several times?( like a macro)
    Like what happens in the room I have the problem.
  2. In the other rooms I encountered, once in a while an insufficient signal. The bond command does not work, while if trying with remote it responds. It seems like the remote is more powerful than the bond. Does it makes sense?