Home Generator, long press, Generic device and Apple

I’m a long time user of a BondHome for ceiling fans. Rock solid device!

I recently acquired a couple GenMax’s generators for whole home power backup. For giggles I managed to sync the remotes with Bond as a Generic Device!

The Key fobs need a “long press” for about 2 seconds to trigger the start. if I double or triple click the button in the app, it does start and stop the generator! Is there a concept of a “long press”? Or will have thave to program in multiple clicks in short order?

Second question, how would I expose a generic device to Hubitat or homekit?

Hey Jason, you may find this video helpful for increasing the duration of the signal to 2 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWOH2WqzNOU

Hubitat, I’m not sure. I did use for a while but I think only with ceiling fan device types.

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Ohhh this worked PERFECTLY! Thank you!

As far as Hubitat, the Bond Integration module did pick up the device eventually

However, I opted to use HomeBridge-CmdTrigger instead, it was easier to make it create a “stateless button” (flip back to off automatically since this is a one way communication).

Not sure how I’m going to use this feature/functionality, but it’s there :smiley: LOL