2 Sequential Button Press Within 3 Seconds?


I am trying to use Bond with an automated motorized TV mount that makes up and down.

For it to move all the way up or down, I have to do 2 consecutive button presses: Hit RUN+DOWN or RUN+UP.

Alternatively, I can also press and hold up or down to get it into the position that I want.

I’ve already connected the RF to Bond, but I just can’t find a way to get this to work.

I’d also like to get this connected with Alexa so I can just say Move TV Down and have it work.

Any thoughts? I have zero coding experience so unable to mess with the API. Thank you!

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Hey @Superwario

What I do in my TV is use Alexa’s Routines to perform sequential commands.
Can you please set the integration and try it?

Let me know if I can help you better :slight_smile:

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@endy that was super helpful and ended up working great! I had to setup the tv mount as a fan to be able to see more controls within Alexa but otherwise things went smoothly after trial/error